Return to Flight

We continue to firmly believe that the Great British public and the wider world deserve to have the opportunity to see Concorde flying and, to this day, their are no technological reasons whatsoever why this ambitious aim cannot be achieved.

There have been, and continue to be, many detractors to this process. Incredible though it may seem, there are people who would prefer Concorde to remain firmly grounded never to be seen in the air again. We believe these people and/or organisations are wrong and at odds with worldwide opinion.

We make no denial of the technological and financial challenges posed by RTF, but whatever the obstacles, SCG pledges that we will never give up fighting for RTF until it no longer becomes technologically possible for Concorde to fly.

Former Concorde engineer (B2 certified) Ricky Bastin discusses the central issues around return to flight (RTF) on our brand new RTF section.  As this section is so fundamental to our central aim, we will continue to expand it with further relevant information. We would also invite your opinions and comments regarding the technological and logistical issues surrounding RTF on our facebook page.

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SCG 2015 Annual Meeting

Posted 23rd August 2015 by AdminCD

Join us for the SCG 2015 Annual Meeting. We would like to welcome you to the following event which may be of interest to you that will help further enhance SCG’s efforts for returning Concorde to flight.   To find out more information, please do take a look at our event page. Click here for [...]

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Get Involved

Our work is increasing and so is our team

Would you like to help with the management of SCG?  If you love Concorde and if you want to help us make return to flight (RTF) a reality, we need YOUR help. First and foremost, we need every single person to actively help us keep Concorde in the limelight. Please use every opportunity to promote Concorde and RTF to like-minded friends, companies, politicians, indeed anyone who might be interested so that we keep her profile as high as she used to fly! We have over 7,000 followers on Facebook – we need 500,000!

We also have several major projects underway which involve different time demands and different skills so whatever your line of work, feel free to get in touch.  The are only two mandatory criteria: the first is to LOVE Concorde and the second to want to get her back in the air!

If you are interested in helping, please contact the management team on Facebook or Twitter and we will be happy to talk with you.  You can also donate via PayPal.