Campaign and Mission Statement

Please read about the history of our campaign, where it all began.

History of our Campaign

Mission Statement

SCG is campaigning to return Concorde to heritage flight. This will enable the Great British public to enjoy witnessing the ongoing celebration of one of the greatest engineering achievements in the history of this country. It would also be a living tribute to cooperation between European nations in the post-war era.

The main obstacle preventing this return to flight is British Airways. They continue to hide behind statements that they refuse to back up in terms of costs and accountability.

The commercial life of the British Concordes had come to an end in 2003 when the aircraft, which remains legally owned by British Airways, were retired to museums. BA itself signalled a desire to see one Concorde fly in a heritage capacity, but the company’s plan failed to get the support of the holder of the type certificate.

Given the unique history of Concorde, both in terms of its development at the taxpayers expense, and its subsequent use as a symbol of national pride at state events, we feel that it is the state, in the guise of the government, who have a role to play in securing access to the type certificate.

We therefore submitted a petition to the government, and to Airbus (UK). Over 30,000 members of the British public have signed it in the hope that the government might offer assistance in this regard. An Early Day Motion has been raised in the Houses of Parliament calling on the Government to assist in returning a Concorde as a State aircraft.

Note that:

  • We are not seeking to change the past
  • We are not asking for financial assistance
  • We are merely asking for some helpful intervention to facilitate the transfer of documentation and in gaining the access to the aircraft needed to determine a true cost for the stated objectives

The British and French people paid for the development of Concorde. Those same people have a right to be allowed to see this great icon of the 20th century grace the skies once more.

This would be both a fitting tribute to the past cooperation between great European nations, and a living symbol of what we might achieve in the future, if we work together and if we set our sights high: a truly inspirational symbol for peace and technological excellence.