BA Rejects Proposal for Bristol’s Concorde

After almost 10 years on the ground since the final ever flight of a British Airways Concorde on 26th November 2003, a decision has finally been reached as to the long-term future of this aircraft!

In July 2010, after it was announced that Airbus UK would be closing the “temporary” exhibit on its site at Filton later that year, SCG embarked upon a campaign dubbed “SOS: Save Our Speedbird”.  After the failed Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Application made by the Concorde Trust in May 2011, SCG were invited by British Airways to submit proposals for a £2m museum which would have seen Alpha-Foxtrot undercover within 6-9 months. The SCG proposal was a fraction of both the overall cost and timeframe offered by that made by the Concorde Trust (effectively meaning that G-BOAF could have been available for public viewing four years before the newly proposed date of July 2016). SCG made the presentation to BA and Airbus well over a year ago (February 2012), only to be informed by British Airways last week that the SCG proposal has not been selected as the preferred bidder.

Ben Lord, Chairman of the Save Concorde Group says “This is another sad day for Concorde and particularly for Alpha-Foxtrot. We maintain that our proposal is the only viable and cost effective one that would see Alpha-Foxtrot placed undercover in a short timeframe given the closure, and subsequent intended development to Filton Airfield. Instead, an alternate proposal has been selected, costing a staggering £12m which would see a further huge delay to getting Alpha-Foxtrot undercover. As only two proposals were presented to BA, we understand the winning proposal to be that of the Concorde Trust (who have recently merged with the Bristol Aero Collection). Whilst fundamentally, we continue to support whoever is chosen to look after Alpha-Foxtrot long-term, we still do not see any evidence of how the vast majority of the £12m funds are going to be raised, whilst the overall project value continues to climb, and the open date put back time and time again.”

Ben Lord continues “Whilst of course SCG are very disappointed not to have been chosen to take care of Alpha-Foxtrot long-term, we remain very concerned as to the future of this aircraft under it’s new custodians given the length of time that has passed, with no money now being raised at all from museum tours, and the rapidly changing situation at Filton Airfield.  A point of further concern is the amount of money that has been spent out of the restricted fund of monies raised from the sale of the Concorde Coming Home DVD and the temporary museum tours. Over £750,000 had been raised from these two elements of the museum appeal, yet over £400,000 has been spent with nothing to show for this at all. On behalf of all those who generously donated money to the Concorde appeal in good faith, we remain extremely concerned as to exactly how this money has been spent and/or to whom it has been paid – particularly as this sum would have paid for the lions share of the SCG proposal. This significant depletion of funds, coupled with the new projected costs and delayed public opening date gives us great cause for concern. Indeed, we would go further and call for a very clear public statement from the selected bidder outlining exactly what has happened to the museum appeal funds and how they subsequently propose to fund the £12m project.”

Whilst SCG still has other preservation proposals pending response from British Airways, the organisation continues to remain steadfast and committed in exploring every possible way of seeing Concorde fly again in a heritage capacity, along with ensuring that all Concorde’s around the world are preserved to the best possible standard with the full assistance of our significant resources and expertise.



Great that she will be undercover. Now get another one flying!

This is the 21st Century A.D., and British Airways are TOO BLIND TO SEE, That they are not getting people quickly from A to Z, What took
If they don’t want to KEEP UP with the times at all -
‘THEY’ have scored an ‘Own – Goal’ & Lost the Ball ⚽!
Getting CONCORDE airborne and operational once again -
Will be a GREAT REDUCTION Travelling – instead of a PAIN.
So much for the PROGRESS of the aerospace bosses -
Then ‘THEY’ have the GALL to COMPLAIN about their TOTAL losses.
CONCORDE being ‘grounded’ because of the Boss of B.A.
Would ALL Be BETTER AIRBORNE – Throughout the night and day!
Whilst these MAGNIFICENT, SYLPH-LIKE figures stay unused -
Proves that B.A.s ‘BOSSES’ – Have POSITIONS – Which ‘THEY’VE’ ABUSED.
IS proof their antics are far from clever, intelligent, brainy or bold,.
The SOONER that CONCORDE takes to the skies again -
We can get quicker from place to place in sunshine, snow or rain!!!!
It must be Highly Frustrating for everyone who helped these to fly -
Come on all you Politicians and let us CONCORDE – travel by!!!!

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