The guilty verdict that has been overturned in a successful appeal by Continental Airlines comes on the 50th anniversary of the Anglo-French treaty being signed which led to Concorde become a reality!

In 2010, a French court originally ruled that Continental Airlines were guilty of manslaughter following the strip of metal that had fallen off a plane that took off from the same runway just ahead of the ill-fated Air France Concorde flight. The airline was fined €200,000 and ordered to pay €1m in damages to Air France. Upon launching an immediate appeal today, another French court has upheld the appeal and has cleared Continental Airlines of any wrongdoing.

Ben Lord, Chairman of the Save Concorde Group says “This is massive news for Concorde. It dispels the myths that the plane was in anyway unsafe and shines light on the fact that there was many factors that went on that day that have not brought into question and it is now time for the truth to be FULLY exposed to a greater extent than it already has been. Whilst it does nothing to the relatives of those lost on that day, it at least starts to paint a clearer picture of the events leading up to the catastrophe that occurred that day.”

It is widely reported that there were a number of negligent factors that took place before the plane came into contact with this strip of metal, yet these critical points along with eyewitness statements were rejected out of hand by the original investigation. It would appear from SCG sources that all of the original findings were done to an extent that saved face to the French airline industry, a point that Continental Airlines made also in their appeal.

Ben Lord continues “Today, history has been made once again just as it did 50 years ago with the signing of the Anglo-French treaty that ultimately saw Concorde grace the skies. The significance of today’s news should not be underestimated and is ultimately going to lead to the truth being exposed into the events that ultimately led up to the assassination of Concorde – a topic which we take great interest in and is a fundamental part of our campaign which we are turning attention to over the next 12 months in the run up to the decade anniversary of Concorde’s retirement in 2013.”

What is very clear, is that had the negligent factors of that day not have taken place, not only would this awful disaster not have happened, but Concorde would not have gained a reputation that she did not deserve and would still be flying today.

SCG remains committed to exploring every possible way of seeing Concorde fly again in a heritage capacity, along with ensuring that all Concorde’s around the world are preserved to the best possible standard with the assistance of our resources and expertise that it has.

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