Concorde’s Final Flight – A Decade On

Dear Members, Colleagues, Loyal Supporters and Friends,

Today marks the final day of anniversaries that we have brought to you to share, reflect and commemorate on over the past 7 1/2 months. At approx 1pm, Concorde G-BOAF “Alpha-Foxtrot” captained by the legendary Les Brodie, landed for the final time (so far) into her British birthplace – Filton before a crowd of tens of thousands of people.

As we witnessed Concorde descending into the history books, in the days leading up to that occasion ten years ago, a small group of people found themselves acquainted, feeling like they were witnessing a wake of a deceased relative, rather than a national celebration. After exchanging contact details, the beast was born and Save Concorde Group was established, focussed and determined on achieving one goal – reversing what we had just witnessed and seeing Concorde take to the skies again, albeit in a heritage flight capacity.

Over the past ten years, we have encountered many challenges, a few dark ones but mainly bright ones, but no one could estimate the extent of the mission in hand BUT we have come from a small group of people witnessing premature history in the making and become an organisation steadfast in it’s objectives, embracing opportunities to meet a whole plethora of people from the very highest levels of management in some of the companies directly involved in Concorde through to thousands of enthusiasts and supporters. As your Chairman, I am hugely proud of the team we have who are dedicated in what runs through the DNA of this group. Each and every one of them, past and present, have given up countless hours of their lives as well as helping to finance all aspects of the group’s life to ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our mission. WhilI believe we have the basis of a world-class team who come from a broad range of professional backgrounds, least of all, our engineering team – the skilled folk who enabled our plane to grace our skies for almost 28 years. We may not have a large engineering team but we all know that we have the best quality engineers that’s available in the Concorde world. Fundamentally, we have also strived to keep Concorde’s legacy and name alive through our awareness raising campaign, reflected through the hundreds of media interviews given over the past decade, which ensures that the public are educated about all aspects which we continue to deliver through our first-class unique talks produced by Ricky Bastin, and we are also extremely proud of our working relationships that are in place, especially with our friends at Olympus593. These associations strength our team under a simple team acronym “Together Everyone Achieves More”. We also remain extremely privileged to have Concorde’s number 1 customer as our Honorary President, Mr Fred Finn and thank him for his ongoing support and assistance.

As much as our future has been difficult to progress as quickly as we would like, by now you will, I am sure, realise that we could not be more focussed and determined in our pledge to you that not only we will see this aircraft fly again, but we are also doing all that we can to build up to this point. We have some very exciting project work that’s ongoing as we speak and we hope to release more details of this throughout 2014. Through the first quarter of next year, we will also be holding various events on both sides of the Atlantic so stay tuned for more information!

As much as the SCG team have carried the baton for the ultimate achievement, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the support, encouragement, assistance and loyal dedication shown by YOU, our supporters and also Concorde’s fans. For that, we remain eternally indebted.

My very best regards,
Ben Lord
SCG Chairman

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