Concorde and Return to Flight

November 26th 2012 marks exactly 9 years since the last Concorde flight, when Concorde G-BOAF (Alpha Fox) touched down at Filton Airfield in Bristol, UK. In all that time, Save Concorde Group (SCG) has campaigned tirelessly to promote the best interests of all the remaining Concorde aircraft – and, to continue our campaign to return Concorde to the air.

Concorde is the jewel in the crown of British and French engineering prowess – yet look what has been allowed to become of her. This magnificent machine, still state of the art, is now merely a museum piece or worse – an outdoor relic subject to the elements, slowly sliding into ignominy.

SCG has been closely involved in the plans to create a new aviation museum centred on Concorde G-BOAF at Filton, but as yet the plans are still not finalized. Chairman Ben Lord makes the following comment: “Another year, another anniversary and our beloved Alpha-Foxtrot still remains on the ground, with no roof over her. With Filton Airfield imminently due for closure, it is imperative that the green light is given, preferably to our low-cost proposal, for this aeroplane to finally be in the undercover museum environment that she thoroughly deserves.”

SCG’s primary objective, however, is to get Concorde back in the air. We have been advised by Concorde experts that there remains no technological reason why Concorde could not once again take to the skies. SCG, along with our partners in France (Olympus593), continues its fight to get this iconic aircraft back into the skies, and we will not give up the fight.

In the words of Dr David Jones, SCG Communications Director: “This anniversary is a crucial time to stress our on-going commitment to return a Concorde to flight in a heritage capacity. There remains no technological reason why this aircraft cannot fly again, and 2013 sees the 10-year contracts agreed with the retirement museums expire. With this in mind, and given the earnest dedication shown by SCG thus far to the preservation of Concorde, we would call for new discussions with all relevant parties to consider the release of an aircraft with a view to returning it to a flightworthy state.”

Today we are releasing a specially commissioned video, as part of a wide-ranging publicity campaign, in advance of the 9th anniversary of Concorde’s retirement.

We continue to push for our main stated aim: to return a Concorde to the skies in a heritage capacity so that the world can once again marvel at the unique aircraft we created – and the legacy it left for aviation in general.

Please help join our fight by disseminating the video as widely as possible, joining our Facebook site and keeping up the pressure on everyone and anyone who can help to get this beautiful aircraft off the ground and back into the skies.

We have the engineering expertise standing by – we just need YOUR help and YOUR support.

For more information regarding this PR and the Save Concorde Group, please contact:

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Dr Dave Jones
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November 29th, 2012 at 18:11 - Umar Shareef said...


I really applaud what you’re doing. I’ve had a great idea – not sure if it’s been thought up before. You know how there’s a lot of talk going on these days of Britain falling behind Europe etc when it comes to flights to China? How the likes of Amsterdam and Frankfurt are gaining the edge as they have more flights to China etc etc.

Here’s the idea. Let’s promote Concorde as the the aircraft that will give Britain back the edge. Think about it. They might have more flight capacity, but we’ll have the edge where it comes to SPEED. Real business people will clearly choose to fly to Beijing on concorde than on a standard plane from Europe. In fact, serious Europeans will come to Heathrow to fly to Beijing on Concorde due to the time-saving.

It’s gonna cost billions more to open up a new hub airport – so why not spend a fraction of that money on bringing back concorde?? What do you guys think? Could this be a new campaigning strategy?

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