Mr Concorde becomes Mr President !

Most of us can only dream about the prospect of ever flying Concorde but for one man, that dream became something pretty special that would set world records. Today, he becomes Honorary President of the organisation campaigning for Concorde to return to the skies again!

Businessman Fred Finn holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most travelled man, having covered some 15 million miles and visited 139 countries in the course of his life. He also holds the record for making the most passenger flights on Concorde – a total of 718 spanning the whole of Concorde’s life in service, between 1976 and 2003. He has flown an estimated 3 million miles in the supersonic aircraft, equivalent to flying to the Moon and back six times.

Ben Lord, Chairman of the Save Concorde Group says “Fred has always been a huge stalwart in the Concorde world throughout it’s lifetime and has been a good friend to our organisation since our early days of existence. It is an absolute privilege to be welcoming into SCG as our Honorary President, a role which we are all excited to be working alongside with Fred in.”

Although many of these Concorde flights were taken for business purposes, Fred Finn also used his unique experience to act as an unofficial ambassador for Concorde and for British Airways. With an extensive network of contacts in the travel industry, and an address book full of high-profile names from the business, sport and entertainment worlds, Fred has been much in demand as a public speaker and a consultant to airlines and travel companies.

Earlier today, Fred said on the SCG Facebook page “I am so very delighted to be with SCG, a truly dedicated team. Quite simply, they use my language with their “can-do” approach and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get our favourite aircraft back where she belongs! I look forward to working with the team in realising our aim in the future”

Fred loved Concorde from the day of his first flight on the beautiful white bird, and was deeply dismayed when the aircraft was retired. He is still a passionate Concorde enthusiast today. The Save Concorde Group is honoured to have his support in our campaign to preserve Concorde in optimal condition and, one day, to return the jet to the sky.


Brilliant, now get G-BOAC or G-BOAF flying!

October 13th, 2012 at 23:05 - Mick Walsh said...

That is fantastic news. A big development for this group. Hopefully he can help push things forward. A well known and respected man such as fred can surely open doors and help progress with various plans for conservation and ultimately return to flight.

Hi Has anybody worked out the cost to restore a concorde to flying condition again and where the work would be carried out?

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