10 years ago today, British Airways and Air France jointly announced their Concorde commercial operations would cease flying later that year.

Air France’s Concorde operations ceased on 31st May 2003, some 6 weeks later, with British Airways continuing to fly until 24th October 2003 when three of it’s Concorde fleet landed ceremonially at London’s Heathrow Airport.  Shortly following this sad and premature end to Concorde’s commercial life, the Save Concorde Group launched their campaign to see Concorde flying again in a heritage capacity.  A decade on, the Group have today written to the Chief Executive of British Airways renewing it’s appeal to open discussions after BA publically stated in 2003 that “they are looking seriously at keeping one Concorde in a suitable condition for non-commercial flying”.

Ben Lord, Chairman of the Save Concorde Group says “Today is a key milestone date in the Concorde retirement calendar, and with this year being 10 years since Concorde retired makes that even more significant.  We simply ask for BA to do the right thing by Concorde and by the British people, and deliver on what it says it would – by looking seriously into Concorde flying in a heritage capacity.  Fundamentally, there remains no technical reason whatsoever why Concorde cannot fly again as has been stated previously by our team of former BA and Air France Concorde engineers.  Previously British Airways have claimed that having Concorde flying again was not commercially viable but not only do they continue to not release any evidence verifying this, they also remain resistant to the fact that this is about a Concorde flying in a heritage capacity, not in a commercial capacity which therefore makes the costs somewhat different to when Concorde was being operated commercially.”

Ben Lord continues “SCG has challenged British Airways’ position on Concorde for almost a decade now and maintain that if the airline is not interested in flying Concorde in any capacity, then the group remain ready and waiting to hold discussions pertaining to the potential release of any of the Concorde airframes from British Airways’ ownership to an organisation that would be, and at that, have the capability to be.  We have a number of people from within the airline and wider business community who are interested to be involved with, and financially back, such a project.  Since 2003, British Airways has become just the same as any other airliner, and no longer possess the flagship status that Concorde brought to it.

If a BA Concorde was to fly it would generate such a huge amount of prestige and marketing kudos to the airline that no marketing budget could ever begin to calculate – after all, BA has continued to make good use of Concorde in a marketing capacity both on it’s website, and through it’s TV commercials in recent years, which even today prompts calls to their reservation hotline where customers still want to book flights on Concorde.”

Ultimately, SCG continues to stress that whilst efforts to return one Concorde to the skies goes on undiminished, the sight of a Concorde back in the skies will no doubt strengthen the resolve of the British people, to allow us to return one of the BA planes to flight and thus satisfy the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the British public.


April 26th, 2013 at 20:36 - Paul said...

This has to happen, It is still shocking there is no Concorde in the skies for Airshows, there would be a record number of tickets sold,  so what is the problem with British Airways, Airbus or CAA, and yes it would cost a fortune to get one flying again, but British Airways will not let them go, why? just get the red tape out the way and let interested parties get one flying again for the British public, who deserve to see this British legend up in the skies again, come on!!

July 8th, 2013 at 19:00 - Mr Ensig Bitter said...

I would like to fly the Concorde once again , i flew the Concorde 1980 when i was twenty year old . i would like to feel the experience again .please add me to your mailing list to keep me update.
Thank you

The National lottery fund gives tens of millions of pounds to the national ballet, it also gives out millions to the so called Arts , why can’t we have some funding from them. This goverment like many others before it give billions of our hard earned money to other countries around the the who do not need it. I am not a rich man never have been , I like a lot of other people in this world don’t ask for much but to see a Concorde return to our sky’s over the uk would be not only a great tonic for many but it would also show to the world what two great countries can do when they put there minds to it,
10 long years is there going to be another 10 long years before we hear anything, British airways Shame on you, put Concorde back where she belongs ……” IN THE SKY”. (rant over)

July 29th, 2013 at 16:49 - sheila wilkinson said...

I was lucky enough to hear Ricky Bastin give a talk about Concorde and as I have always adored Concorde it is one of my greatest wishes to see her fly again. I was not the only one close to tears whilst Ricky was speaking and I know how proud we all feel about her. Has anyone ever thought about getting T shirts, car and window stickers etc printed with WE WANT CONCORDE or BRING BACK CONCORDE , just a thought.

September 26th, 2013 at 13:10 - Phil Sheldon said...

I can’t believe it has been 10 years since Concorde ceased flying. It is a travesty that there isn’t one flying in a heritage capacity. BA need to sort this out, it would be a MASSIVE marketing opportunity for them and it would keep this glorious piece of world beating technology ‘living’ for future generations to marvel at!

Whatever is wrong with this country. It seems that anything we ever do right is never celebrated. Take a look at boab just left to rot and mostly out of site, almost like some sort of white elephant. I commend save the concorde group for persevering with this what seems a thankless task. I am sure B.A would only be too thankful of the publicity if she took to the sky’s again. If only the great British public would pull together to back your campaign. Everyone I speak too seems to have the same opinion.

Well done save the concorde group and keep up the good work. I for one greatly appreciate everything you have done so far


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